Think Twice, Second Wife

Discuss with your future husband any children that will be part of the new family unit.   Not that I did not love my husband, but at the time we married, I was also in love with the idea of getting married.  In my mind, I was becoming an old maid.  I did not realize how young I really was and did not know what I didn’t know. 
There are several things that must be talked about before entering into a serious relationship or marriage.  They do not go away, they become larger than life once the commitment has been made and after you have walked down the aisle.  You must talk about the communication and relationship with the ex-wife will be handled, in-laws, finances, including child support and last but certainly not least, discuss your children. 
What is going to be the relationship between you and your soon-to-be husbands’ children, their mother, his family and his friends.  I tell my sister-friends this all the time, when you marry a man, you are marrying into his family  You are, in essence, getting a second set of parents, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles and cousins.  And get this; you are also getting his ex-wife!

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