Meet Willie

Willie Day Kellam Jr.  hails from the small town of Madison Mayodan in NC, right outside of Greensboro and Winston-Salem.  He is the youngest of 2 boys and 2 girls in his family.He attended school in Dayton, Ohio and is proud to be called a “Roosevelt Teddy.”  With his quick wit, out-spoken personality, and his bold sense of humor, Willie doesn’t meet any strangers. When he becomes your friend, he is a true friend to the end.  As a former Navy Serviceman, he has traveled half-way around the world 2 times and has been to the farthest corners of the earth (Australia, Africa, and Hong Kong Japan) and is proud to say he is an “American”!
Definitely a people person, he has worked in the field of sales for nearly 30 years, and retired from one of the largest independent local potato chip company in the nation, Mike-Sells, he is competitive and enjoyed being recognized as one of their top sellers in the Ohio region.  Willie takes pride in all that he does, especially his family.   Now that he is retired, he enjoys putting his family memories in heart-touching and humorous poems from his book in progress, "Verses of My Life."   As a true man of God, he has also enjoyed serving on his Church's culinary ministry. 
Willie has been married to his best friend, "Sanda" as he calls her for over 24 years.  They enjoy traveling to the warm Islands of the Carribean.  Together, they have four children and four grandchildren.