About Sandra

Sandra Lee Kellam is a Christian who believes in sharing her experiences with others in effort to inspire them not only in their relationship with God, but with those whom they love.  After several stormy years of marriage and several plans to divorce her husband, they worked  through the challenges. She whole heartily supports the sanctity of marriage and takes every opportunity to share God's Word on this most important subject. She believes if she and her husband made it, so can you.  
Sandra and her husband Willie have been married for over 24 years and are the proud parents of four adult children and four grand children.  Willie and Sandra reside in Dayton, Ohio

You can read more of how she and her husband overcame their challenges in her book "Think Twice, Second Wife" (Authorhouse, 2007).

To share your story, or to ask Sandra a question, email her at second2ndwife@yahoo.com

                      Photography by Robert Parkey (rparkeyIII@yahoo.com)