First Post! 01/13/2008

Whew, this is my first blog.  A little scary and weird feeling - but hey, nothing ventured, nothing gain.  I wrote my book, "Think Twice, Second Wife" and hesitated on putting it out there because I thought It wasn't good enough or perfect enough.  But then I realized hey, nothing is perfect, and my heart is in the right place.  So, as imperfect as I am and maybe even my writing - I hope that you'll read it and get a conversation going with that significant others.  Nothing is as bad as it seems when you look back on it - the arguments and fights my spouse and I experience, well, I can't even tell you what MOST of them were about - so one would have to ask themselves..."how important is it?
Blog here and let me know your thoughts on marriage, step-families or "Blended" families as we are known now.  Do you know anyone in a blended family situation, or maybe you yourself are in a blended family?  Share your story!  I'd love to hear and learn from you. 



    Sandra Lee Kellam, is a Christian, Wife, Mother, Sister-Friend and lastly, an Author who enjoys sharing her story with others in hopes that it will spark a conversation in their own lives.  It is her hope that something said will ignite and motivate others to persevere through the changes and challenges  that life always brings.


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